Iqama Huroob Status Check

There is a very easy way to check Huroob on your Iqama.

Huroob is the worst-case that happens to an expatriate.

I will also explain it in a video.

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You can check huroob at the MOL website as well in your Absher account.

One more thing make sure that sometimes it takes time to update online that’s why Jawazat is the one you should refer in this scenario.

How to Check Huroob?

You can check huroob at the MOL website as well in your Absher account.

Huroob Check at MOL

Following steps you need to follow;

Step – 1: Go to Ministry of Interior website here MOL.GOV.SA

Step – 2: You will see a window like below. Enter your Iqama number, Image code and click on ‘Bahs’ as indicated below.

Go to New MOL and enter your Iqama Number

Step – 3: If you see a like below then all is good

You will see iqama status there if present on work or not

Step – 4: If you see a like below then you are in trouble. This means you have been reported that you have ran away from work.

Huroob status on an Iqama

If you see this ‘Absent from Work’ then immediately take some precautionary measures. I will explain it below.

Huroob on MOI Absher

For Absher, you need to simply login and go to the dashboard where you can see if you are on work or absent as per record. If you don’t have an Absher account then you cannot make with Huroob status.

How to Remove Huroob?

Male sure o contact your kafeel within 20 days of Huroob imposed. Because after that you cannot do it through the website and have to visit officials that will very tough for both parties and hence kafeel will avoid.

You can take the following measures to remove Huroob;

Contact your Kafeel

This is the best way to meet him personally and try to settle the situation. You may have some pending issues to resolve. Do it in friendly manners. Whatever you can afford to do make sure to do it if it is in your domain.

Hire an Agent

If you think that you are on the right side and have valid proof then consult with an agent and try to contact your kafeel before going to officials.

Surrender & Go Back

If you think you have done something wrong that cannot be settled then you can go to deport ion center and report. They will put you in jail and deport to your native country. You will ban for 5 years minimum to enter here again for work.

Ministry of Labor

You can seek help from the ministry of labor. Explain then everything in detail with valid proofs. They will definitely do needful and try to defuse the situation.

Note: Still the best way is to convince your kafeel. Try to avoid courts as it will take time for hearing and you cannot do any work till then. You have to bear your expenses until the decision is made.

If you won you will get everything pending.

Wrap Up

Huroob is something like you have done any crime and now you have to face the consequences. Yes, sometime your kafeel may do it deliberately to grab your end service benefits but you can get it solved by labor court.

Video Guide to Check Huroob

Huroob Check at MOL

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