How to check iqama funds & Refund

If you have submitted some Iqama funds like renewal Driving License, Visa Extension, Levi Fee, etc and now decide against it. In this case, you can get your money back.

The only condition is the money still should be displaying in your Absher account otherwise the transaction is completed and you cannot take it back online.

iqama funds available

You need to follow the below steps to see if these funds are still under your Iqama available;

Step – 1: Go to your MOI  Absher. In case you don’t have already then you can make. Just follow along with this article How to Make Absher?

Step – 2: Once you are logged in then you will see many options.

Step – 3: Find & Click Public Query Available Funds

Step – 4: Enter your Iqama Number

Step – 5: Enter also the Image Code

Step – 6: Click View

Step – 7: You can see here if any fund available under your Iqama.

How to Refund Available Iqama Funds

For this, you need to have a bank account under your Name/ Iqama.

Now follow the below simple steps and you are done;

Step – 1: Go to Netbanking account – login

Step – 2: Go to the Saddad option

Step – 3: Here, select MOI Payment

Step – 4: Hit the Alien Control tab

Step – 5: Find and choose the related Category

Step – 6: Click the Refund box & Submit

Step – 7: You will be asked to enter Iqama Number

Step – 8: Hit Confirm & you are done.

You will receive this money in a maximum of three working days in your bank account.

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