Exit Re-Entry Status Check

If you are on vacation back home then it is always necessary that you must return before the visa expires.

I will show you how you can check it easily.

Keep in mind that your return date starts as soon as you leave the kingdom. Let say you are going for 60 days and your exit re-entry is processed 10 days ago. Still, you can spend 60 days back home.

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How to Check Huroob?

You need to follow the below simple steps to find out the visa expiry date;

Step – 1: Go to the Jawazat website for EService. Click here for direct link ESERVE

Step – 2: You will see a window like below

Step – 3: Now in the first drop down chose either Iqama Number or Visa Number

Step – 4: In the second box choose any option like Name, Date of Birth, Passport Number, Iqama Expiry, or Visa Number.

Go to Eservices to check exit re entry

Step – 5: Now, click Check

Step – 6: You will see information like below.

Enter the rquired details like Iqama number and select any of below

You can see here, it is inside kingdom but once you leave it will display your exit reentry expiry date.

Watch the below video and you will learn how to see when you are the outside kingdom.

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Video Guide

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