How to Get an Absher Account?

Absher is one of the most important accounts to have in Saudi Arabia. You can perform many queries online and need not visit any government official.

The main use of Absher nowadays is to check the Iqama expiry and check traffic violations.

I have divided this into two major steps;

  • Making an Absher Account
  • Activating an Absher Account

In the end, I will explain all through a video guide.

How to Make MOI Absher Account

Follow the below simple steps;

Step – 1: First of all, go to the Ministry of Interior – MOI website by clicking here MOI Absher. You will see a window like below.

Go to MOI Absher website and the click to individual

Step – 2: Click on the “Individuals”

Step – 3: You can now change the language in English

Step – 4: Click on “New User”

Step – 5: Fill the requested information as given below

This form needs to fill to make an Absher account

Step – 6: Put the ‘Image Code’ & check to Agree then click “Next”

Step – 7: You will receive an SMS. Enter it

Step – 18: Click “Register”.

We need to activate the Absher account now. We can do this by the following methods.

How to Activate MOI Absher Account

For activation, we have three options like below.

1. KIOSK | Self-Service Machines

These machines you can find in public areas like Malls & Hospitals easily.

Go there are do the simple biometric confirmation.

2. Internet Banking | ATM’s

You can do it through an ATM machine if you have a bank account already.

3. Through Jawazat | by Visit

Yes, just go to Jawazat and ask them to help you activate your Absher account.


Video Guide

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