Check Iqama Expiry & Validity Status

A valid Iqama is always a must otherwise you are illegal in Saudi Arabia. We will see all aspects of Saudi Iqama.

We will see how one can check the Iqama expiry online and offline with different methods.

You can watch the videos at the end if you like all this.

Check Iqama Expiry via Absher

This is the most authentic method to check the validity of Saudi Iqama.

For this, you need an Abser account. If you don’t have then you can follow here Make & Activate Absher

Follow the below easy steps;

Step – 1: Go to the Absher website. Click here You will see a screen like below.

Go to new website

Step – 2: Click on ‘Individual’

Step – 3: Now, Login by using ‘User Name’ & ‘Password’. Enter ‘Image Code’ and click ‘Log in’

Enter the name and password

Step – 4: Now, you will screen like below. Click on ‘Query Iqama Expiry Service’

Go to Query iqama expiry services

Step – 5: Enter ‘Iqama Number’ and the ‘Image Code’ and click ‘View’. You will see Iqama validity like in the below image.

You will see iqama validity date here

Step – 6: Now, we need to change the validity date from Hijri to Gregorian that will give us iqama expiry in English. You can do it by following this Hijri to Gregorian Converter

You can convert Iqama expiry date to English here

This is how you can check the Iqama expiration date in English as well in Arabic date through Absher.

Iqama Expiry through MOI Application

You can download the MOI application and can your Iqama validity date in English directly. Here is the link MOI Absher

Step – 1: First of all, download and Login

Step – 2: Now, go to the ‘Dashboard’

Step – 3: Now, click the ‘Timeline’

Step – 4: Go to Me & ‘My Family’ tab

Step – 5: Here, you will see Iqama Expiry, Passport Expiry & the Driving License validity.

Check Iqama Expiry Status through MOI Absher Mobile Application

This is the easiest and convenient way as you need not change the Hijri to gregorian to check the validity date.

Check Iqama Expiry at MOL

We can check the Iqama expiry at the Ministry of Interior website. All you need is Iqama or Border Number (see stamp at passport at first entry in KSA).

Let see the steps at MOL – new trick

Step – 1: First of all, go to MOL website by click here for a direct link MOL

Step – 2: You will see a screen like below if you go from my link.

Step – 3: Enter ‘Iqama Number’ and ‘Date of Birth’. You can select a date in Hijri or Gregorian.

Step – 4: Enter the ‘Image Code’ and click ‘Next’

Go to MOL new website and put your Iqama and date of birth in Hijri

Step – 5: You will see information including Iqama ‘Expiration Date’

Go to MOL new website and put your Iqama and date of birth as well

This is a new trick but we can our account here if we like.

Check Iqama Expiry via SMS

You need to send an SMS in below formate;

12*Sponsor/Kafeel ID*Iqama N0.


Send it to at:

  • 624444 if you are using Mobily
  • 888994 if you are using SAWA | STC
  • 709444 if you are using Zain

You will be charged SAR 1.5 per SMS.

This is the oldest method to check the Iqama expiry date.

Check Iqama Fees | 2020

Iqama fees are increasing but for workers, this is nominal still in 2020. Let see the fee for some common categories below;

Iqama Fees | House Driver, Saiq Khas, Maid, Farmers, etc.

Iqama FeeMaktab e Amal – FeeHealth InsuranceTotal Fee
600 SAR00 SAR500 SAR1,100 SAR

 Iqama Fees | Small Companies (1-5 Workers)

Iqama FeeMaktab e Amal – FeeHealth InsuranceTotal Fee
650 SAR00 SAR500 SAR1,150 SAR

Iqama Fees | If Saudi Employees are more than 50%

Iqama FeeMaktab e Amal – FeeHealth InsuranceTotal Fee
650 SAR8,400 SAR500 SAR9,550 SAR

Iqama Fees | If Saudi Employees are less than 50%

Iqama FeeMaktab e Amal – FeeHealth InsuranceTotal Fee
650 SAR9,600 SAR500 SAR10,750 SAR

If you need more information then please comment below. All these fees are just estimations as per gulf news. The actual fee may vary a little.

What is Iqama?

Iqama is just like a Resident Identity that contains all the information (a record) of any expatriate worker here in KSA. It is ti be issued within 90 days before the work visa expiry date.

All the workers coming here for work must have an Iqama instead of passport-like in other countries.

An Iqama is of size same as other identity cards with information of the holder’s like;

  • Name in English & Arabic
  • Photograph
  • Iqama Issue Date
  • Permit Number
  • Iqama Number, etc.

As an expatriate worker, you must have a valid Iqama (original, not a copy) with you. Otherwise, you will be in trouble if caught.

What is Iqama Huroof?

If a worker runs away from Kafeel means leave the company for any reason like for a better opportunity then as per labor law, the sponsor will report him to the Ministry of Labor. Once caught the worker will be sent to jail that may lead to deportation if issues not settled with kafeel.

Huroob is just a report called ‘Absent from Work’ to police by a kafeel. Same way, if a kafeel does not report then if the worker caught by police then kafeel will be in trouble.

This is the work case that can be happened to any expatriate here in Saudi Arabia.

What is Kafeel?

Kafeel is an Arabic word that means Sponsor. Here, in Saudi Arabia, if someone wants to work then he/she should need a sponsor first. A sponsor can be a company representative, a common Saudi, a small company called Mosassa owner.

One you are here then it is Kafeel’s responsibility to get you an Iqama.

What is Iqama Red Green?

Companies operating in KSA are categorized on the basis of Saudization. Here, are certain rules are set by the Ministry of Labor to facilitate the Saudi workforce.

Companies are bound to hire a certain number of local Saudis or else will face issues. If a company in the red category then if Iqama is expired cannot be renewed that we call Iqama Red.

You can visit this link to know about your Iqama Iqama Red Green

What is Jawazat?

Jawazat is the department that deals with Iqama related queries. It is called the General Director of Passport. It issues the Iqama, renews it as well as deals with Passports to the locals.

It is one of the agencies of the Ministry of Interior – MOI. It controls all immigration activities.

It is now connected with MOI Absher account and all exit re-entry process is done through Absher. No need to visit any of these offices now.

Read More: Exit Re-Entry Visa Check

Video Guides

Iqama Expiry Check at Absher

Expiry at Absher

Iqama Expiry Check at MOL – New Trick

Expiry without Absher

FAQ’s About Iqama Status

What is transferable Iqama?

If you are already working here in Saudi Arabia and have an Iqama then if you are allowed to change the kafeel/sponsor then the Iqama is called a transferable Iqama.

What is Red Iqama?

If your company or Mosassa is breaking some rules then your company will be put in the Red Nitaqat category. That means your kafeel cannot renew your Iqama now until it clears the issues. For an Iqama, he can take transfer without seeking permission from the current sponsor.

What is the use of Iqama?

Iqama is a valid identity proof here. After that, all of your transactions will be done through this number.
You cannot even travel without an Iqama. If caught may have o face severe consequences.

Can we extend exit re-entry?

Yes, but there are certain conditions that your Iqama must be valid for that period at least for 2 weeks. Your Kafeel can make it online by paying an extra fee.

What is the Iqama number?

It is a 10 digit numerical number that is generated in chronical order. For example, 2122556699 is an Iqama issued in the year 2010 and 2422558699 is an Iqama issued in the year 2020.

Can Final Exit be Cancelled?

Yes, it can be if your kafeel applied for. He has to pay a nominal fee for it by the way.

Can we renew Iqama for 6 months?

No, all the fees related to Iqama are annual. You can renew it for 2 years in some cases but not for 6 months.

What is the Iqama renewal fees in Saudi Arabia?

These range from 1,300 SAR to 11,000 SAR according to your organization category.

Can I come back to Saudi Arabia after the final exit?

Yes, but if you have gone through a proper channel without any police case. You can come on the very next day. If you got through Tarheel (Jail) then it is a ban of a minimum of 3 years.

Can we transfer the sponsorship after your Iqama expiry?

Yes, we can. No issues but have to pay an extra fee of Iqama renewal of that expired period.

How can I check my Iqama Huroob?
You can check it through the Ministry of Labor website by entering your Iqama. Here is the link MOL.GOV.SA

How many years does the Iqama expiry?

Normal Iqama is valid for one year. Still, you can have for 2 years but it is quite rare nowadays.

May one can get a Final Exit if his Iqama is Expired?

Yes, you can. Just pay the extra fee of the expiry period and penalty imposed.

What is Muqeem KSA?

It is just a synonym of Iqama.

If one wanted to get renewal of an expired Iqama then?

Just pay the late renewal penalty and it will be renewed.

How to Check the iqama expiry date in English?

Just install the MOI Absher application as I have described above.

How can one check the iqama validity if he doesn’t have an Absher account?

You can check through MOL – Ministry of Interior website as I have explained above.

How I can check if my Aqama is in the process yet or got renewed?

You can go to Absher and check online. Also, Iqama funds will disappear one updated.

May I renew my Iqama if I am on Huroob?

No, you cannot as you are already illegal and cannot until you clear your Huroof.

What is the Iqama date?

Normally, it is used about Iqama validity or expiry date.

If my contract is expired the Iqama is also expired?

No, these are different things.

What are the main differences between the status of an Iqama and the status of a company?

They say if your company is in the red category then it is Red Iqama. But normally, Iqama status or Iqama date is referred to as Iqama validity date or Iqama expiration date.

How Long Does it Take to Renew Iqama?

One minute! All is done online but your HR guy needs to visit Jawazat to pick it from there or can request to deliver to PO Box.

Can I go to the final exit with an expired iqama?

Yes, but need to pay extra fee for it – the expired Iqama stay period.

How to Check if the Iqama is renewed?.

You will receive a message once renewed. Or you can log in to your Absher. You can check at the MOL website as well as explained above.

How to check if Iqama is valid?
You can check by below methods;

  • Absher
  • MOL
  • Visit Jawazat or
  • See Iqama issue date imprinted on Iqama to get expiration idea

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